What You Must Know about False Ceiling Designs

False ceiling designs are part of modern architectural design and construction and may be referred to drop or suspended ceiling. False ceiling usually installed below the main ceiling structure, which means that this is a secondary design. This design has an area above, which usually called as plenum space. This is the space where usually HVAC installed. The plenum space is also commonly used for concealing pipes, ductwork and wiring. False ceiling comprises of grid-work of metal channels in the upside down “T” shape; it is dropped on wires from the structure overhead. The channels are snapped together in a regular space pattern, usually about 600X600 mm grid. Each cell available will be used for lightweight ceiling panels or tiles. They are simply dropped into the grid.

false ceiling designsFalse ceiling designs require ceiling panels that can be made from some kinds of materials. Gypsum is the most popular material usually used for false ceiling. People love gypsum because it is lightweight, moisture and fire resistant and it has good flexibility. It is also versatile, economical and tough. There are also false ceiling uses metal panels. Metal panels are commonly seen and applied for large range of application. This panel is ideal for concealing wiring, ductwork and pipes. If compared with gypsum, metal is tougher and more solid but unfortunately, it is more expensive and hard to redecorate.

False ceiling designs are also using fiberboard and fiber mineral reinforced panels.  This material is so popular because it can be good soundproofing. This fiber also has good resistance to fire. Fiberboard also allows additional decorations and paint. Besides those materials, Plaster of Paris (POP) and plywood are also popular. Those two materials offer different advantages and weaknesses. However, the points are just the same, which is giving good-looking to rooms and concealing wiring, pipes and ductwork.

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